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Parent and student comments

“I completed my GCSE’s 2012 with fantastic grades that have made my family and friends proud. I got 11 A’s of which 6 were A*. I had over 3 years of help at the Southall Tuition Centre with my English, Maths and Science. I will be starting my A-level preparation in physics, chemistry, maths and Biology at the Centre and I would like to thank the manager and the tutors for everything they have done in helping me with my GCSE results.”

Bhanuson Nagal

"Sent my daughter to Southall Tuition’s and it was the best move I have ever made.She excelled in all the subjects, receiving grades 9/8, and is now more confident and has a better outlook for herself in life.I can’t thank the teaching staff and all at Southall Tuition’s enough.Would highly recommend"

Anil Bhandari


“Thank you Southall Tuition Centre for your help with my Maths and English. I achieved an A for English and a B for my Maths GCSE. I am especially pleased with my Maths result as it has always been a subject I found hard. ”

Jaymin Solanki

“I am so thrilled to have received excellent results for my GCSE’s this year. The teachers at Southall Tuition Centre have helped me to improve so much since joining. I will still be continuing now that I will be starting my A Level’s. Thank you STC.”

Simran Dhami


“I have just got my A-Level grades, which were A,A and B in Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I have been going to Southall Tuition Centre for a few years now and I owe the teachers so much for their help and cannot thank them enough.”

Huda Mohamed

“ My daughter has been attending classes at the Southall Tuition Centre for 4 years now. She has made remarkable progress since she started. I really would like to thank all your staff  for building her confidence and encouraging her to do her best. My son has been attending for a few months and I have no doubt he will do just as well with your help. Thanks again.”

Lydia O’Connor

“My daughter Jasmine really enjoys attending your classes at Southall Tuition Centre. The teachers make learning fun for her and she enjoys working in small groups with other students. Most importantly, her school reports show she is improving alot and we are really pleased with how well she is doing. We look forward to enrolling our younger daughter in September.”

Mrs Hannan


“The Southall Tuition Centre have that special “know how”. Your pleasant and professional manner has made it an enjoyable and successful experience for Ameen. The 11+ teachers were extremely helpful and enabled him to succeed with his exams. Ameen achieved seven secondary school’s exams. Five of them are top grammar schools (Queen Elizabeth in Barnet, Wilson School and Wallington County High in Sutton, Langley and Slough) and two of them are private schools with 100% scholarship (Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith and Hampton school). In his SATs, Ameen achieved Level 5 in Science, English and Maths were he scored 97%. Special thanks to Mr Virdee for his support and encouragement to Ameen. I highly recommend your services”

Suha Al-Dhayf

​“My daughter has been offered 3 places at Upton Court, Langley and Tiffin Grammar schools. Sending my daughter to the centre was the best decision I made for her as the preparation helped her for the exams with excellent results. The environment was perfect for my child and she always enjoyed her classes.”

Mr Abhay

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