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At Southall Tuition Centre, we provide high quality, focused tuition to help pupils gain confidence and self-esteem and reach their potential. In addition to helping pupils overcome challenges, we also focus on developing good study techniques to maximise their performance.

In recent times it has become obvious that relying on schools to provide your child with the necessary education to achieve their goals is simply not enough. More and more parents are now using private tutors or tuition centres as a means to ensure examination success or to improve understanding of a particular subject. The personalized aspect of private tuition is a key benefit in increasing understanding in specific subject areas.

Too often students are given answers to remember, rather than problems to solve. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors at Southall Tuition, aim to provide a supportive environment to help pupils strengthen their understanding and knowledge.

In today’s modern world, students are facing increasing pressure to perform well in their studies. We are totally dedicated and committed to inspiring students to reach their full potential.
Southall Tuition Centre offers both one-to-one and group lessons and cater for individual needs by understanding a students requirements and requests. We encourage feedback from students to ensure their needs are fully met and to enable them to excel in areas in which they require additional support.

Registration for tuition is FREE. To discuss your children’s needs further please contact us or submit an enquiry form.

About Us

Southall Tuition Center has been established for over 20 years and has successfully provided private tuition to thousands of students within the local community.

We specialise in small group tuition and provide tailored work to each child to ensure they get the help they need in order to improve or excel in the subjects they require tuition.

Our professional and dedicated tutors work with your child to identify key problem areas and challenges to supplement school learning and follow the National Curriculum.

Multicultural Education

Southall Tuition Centre offers your children a diverse and multicultural learning experience. 

We have children from all walks of  life with different learning backgrounds and capabilities. 

We are proud to have the knowledge, expertise and experience within our tutors to handle such a rich and diverse culture of students.

What we teach

Primary – Reception to Year 6

English, Maths, Science, including preparation for SAT exams at Key Stages 1 and 2.

11+ Entrance Exam Preparation

Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning

Key Stage Three – Years 7 to 9

English, Maths, Science

GCSE – Year 10 & 11

English, Maths, Science

AS & A Level

English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Group Studies

We encourage students to interact to improve confidence and their ability to communicate more effectively. Group work encourages students to explain things aloud. By speaking to and listening to others, students often improve on recall ability, or ability to remember information for exams and understand the subject matter more thoroughly. Group members will always bring up ideas and thoughts other students may not have considered. The various views are sure to pay off on test day!

In The News
Poorest pupils two years behind when they sit GCSEs

The very poorest children in England have fallen even further behind their non-disadvantaged classmates since 2007, research says.

The Education Policy Institute study suggests the most disadvantaged pupils are more than two years behind their classmates when they sit their GCSEs.

Dedicated reading time needs to be at the heart of the school day

A study examining literacy progression across the UK recently hit the headlines by comparing, for the first time, improvements in reading between students in the four home nations.

However, take a look behind the headlines and you’ll see a clear link in the research  between young people’s literacy progression, and the amount of time they spend reading appropriately challenging books.


    Rajvir got his results and he came 1st in class. His English teacher will be using his work for reference for other children. Many thanks.

— Mrs Gedhu





  I have just got my A-Level grades, which were A,A and B in Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I have been going to Southall Tuition Centre for a few years now and I owe the teachers so much for their help and cannot thank them enough.

Huda Mohamed

     Jasdeep Bhachu gained 8 A*s, 2 A's and a B for his GCSE's. Attending STC has really paid off.

— Mrs Bhachu



 STC have always provided my daughters with ongoing and consistent support. As a result, my girls have become so independent and enjoy doing their homework.

— Sapna Pitwa



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